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Shri Sant Ram Maruti Maharaj took “Samadhi” in 1918 (Bhadrapad-Krishna Navami at 5.15 am) (in Mahalaya). After 3 years, in the year 1921 a trust was formed. There is an interesting anecdote related to the construction of the temple. Once, one of the closest disciples of Maharaj Sri Sadguru Shantaram bhau Jaivant ji’s (from Bhivandi) disciple Shri Kalidas visited the Samadhi of Maharaj for darshan. He found that the Samadhi was uncovered and he took his umbrella and covered the Samadhi and declared that he will not move unless the Samadhi is covered.

By noticing this incident, the devotees from Kongaon-Kalyan (Kumbhar Samaj), Sri Jetaraja, Jiva Narayan ji and others initiated the construction of a temporary shade. Later on in 1925, the civil work was started for the construction ofthe Mandir. It was renovated later in the year 1970 under the direction of Sant Shri Gajanan Maharaj Pattekar of Thane. Later on it was the desire of the devotees to have a marble statue of Maharaj in the Mandir and the same was installed on 19th April, 2009 with 3 days of celebration.

Charity activities of Mandir :-

Once in a year, the Mandir-Sanstha conducts blood donation and free medical camp for distribution of medicines for the benefit of the poor.

The Mandir-Sanstha also provides text books and note books for SSC Students free of cost to children from economically backward families.
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Mr. Shirish Gadkari President
Dr. Chandra Shekhar Deshpande Vice President
Smt. Shubha Gupte Treasurer
Mr. Prashant Karkhanis Secretary
Mr. Parag Karnik Addl. Secretary
Mr. Kedar Sonalkar Addl. Secretary
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